Do you only represent women and children?

No. We represent anyone looking for personalized and efficient legal care. Although our practice is focused on the unique issues of representing women and children in personal injury matters, we also provide the same attention and service to men and non-binary individuals.  We welcome all genders and orientations.  

What is personal injury?

Personal injury is simply defined as “a legal term for an injury to the body, mind or emotions, as opposed to an injury to property”. This means that if you are injured and it was not your fault, you can claim damages from the person responsible for your injuries. This also means that if an incident causes mental or emotional injuries, you can also claim damages from the person responsible.

How do I know if I have a case?

Just because you have been injured in an accident doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a successful personal injury claim. If you have been injured or lost a family member due to someone else’s carelessness, you are probably wondering whether you have a personal injury claim. In order to recover monetary compensation, you must prove three things.

1. The responsible party was careless (negligent). For example, if a truck driver crashed into an innocent victim’s car because he ignored a stop sign, the truck driver, under the law, would be considered negligent.

2. The negligence caused the personal injury. In the above example, if the innocent victim sustained a broken arm and severe headaches as a result of the crash, the truck driver’s negligence would be considered to have caused the personal injury. 

3. The injury resulted in harm (compensatory damages). In the above example, if the innocent victim’s broken arm and headaches resulted in medical bills, lost wages, and/or pain and suffering, the injury would be considered to have resulted in compensatory damages (i.e., damages for which an injured party may be compensated).

How long do I have to make a claim for personal injuries?

Under the Revised Code of Washington section, an action for an injury to the person shall be commenced within three years. This applies to most personal injury claims, including:

  • Car accident;

  • Pedestrian accident;

  • Bike accident;

  • Motorcycle accident;

  • Slip and fall; and

  • Dog bite.

Three years may sound like a long time, but if you intend to bring a lawsuit against the defendants for damages, you should not wait until the last minute. It takes time to investigate the accident, determine who may be at fault, identify all the potential defendants, and serve notice on the defendants before the statute of limitations expires. The more time passes after an injury accident, the more difficult it can be to gather evidence in support of your case.

The court cannot generally extend the statute of limitations. Even if you missed the deadline by one day, your claim may be denied. It is a good idea to talk to your attorney as soon as possible after an injury to make sure your claim is filed in time.

Special rule for minors: When the victim of a personal injury accident is a child, the statute of limitations is generally tolled until the child’s 18th birthday. This means that for most personal injury accidents, a minor victim would have until their 21st birthday to file a personal injury lawsuit.

When is the best time to hire an attorney?

The best time to hire an attorney in any case is immediately. The sooner your attorney can start gathering evidence and obtain witness statements the greater likelihood there is of success. Cases are won or lost based on evidence, which can become stale over time if not properly preserved. In addition, there may be shortened claim-tolling time limits in certain cases. You must act quickly to preserve your rights.

How much is my case worth?

All injury cases are different. There are many factors that affect the value of a case. These can include: who is responsible for your injury; the severity of your injuries; the length of time of your total and/or partial disability; the amount of your medical bills; loss of earnings; potential permanency of injuries; scarring; broken bones; and expected future expenses. If you are partially responsible for the accident/injury, your case will be worth less based on the percentage of your share of responsibility. Our job is to maximize your recovery. The amount you receive will depend on the factors listed above.

Is my case too small to hire an attorney?

Northwest Women’s Injury Law represents individuals with small, medium, and large cases. We believe that no one should have to navigate the world of personal injury alone. We want our clients to focus on healing. Leave the legal work to us. We will carry the burden for you.

Does a prior injury impact the value of my claim?

Generally, an at-fault party is responsible only for the harm he or she causes. However, if you had a previous injury made worse by the at-fault party, you can collect for the degree to which the condition has been aggravated.

How long will it take to resolve my case?

The time it takes to settle a claim depends on many circumstances. It is important to allow injuries to stabilize before beginning settlement negotiations. By settling too early, important consequences of a serious injury may be missed, such as the need for future medical treatment or compensation for permanency. When your physician issues a final medical opinion stating the diagnoses of the injuries and the prognosis, the evaluation of the case for settlement can begin. Once a settlement demand has been submitted to the insurance company, it may take 4-6 weeks for the company to review the claim before negotiation may begin. However, in more complicated cases, particularly where litigation becomes necessary, closure may take substantially longer.

Who is going to pay my medical bills?

There are several types of insurance coverage that can cover your medical expenses. These include (1) health insurance, (2) car insurance, and (3) worker’s compensation insurance.

If your injury was the result of an automobile collision caused by another person, the at-fault driver’s insurance must pay all reasonable and necessary accident-related medical expenses, up to the limit of their policy. However, the at-fault insurance does not have to pay any of your expenses until you settle and close your claim, or until you win a judgment in court. Therefore it is often beneficial to utilize your own insurance while you are receiving medical care.

If your car insurance policy includes Personal Injury Protection (PIP), your insurance will pay all reasonable and necessary accident-related medical expenses, up to the limit of your policy. This is usually accomplished with no adverse effects to your insurance rates or policy.

If your injury was caused by an uninsured motorist, you may still be able to receive full compensation from your own insurance company if your policy includes Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Protection (UIM). Again, this can be done with no adverse effects to your insurance rates or policy.

If your injury occurred while you were on-the-job in Washington State, the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries may cover your medical bills and time loss, but will not pay for pain-and-suffering. If your on-the-job injury was caused by another person who is not your employer or co-worker, you can additionally recover from the responsible party’s insurance, and your recovery may include pain-and-suffering.

I can’t afford an attorney. What can I do?

We know how difficult life is in the wake of an injury, and we know you’re facing serious expenses. We make sure hiring an attorney isn’t one of them.

We work on a contingency fee agreement, which means that you only pay if we can recover for you. From the first consultation to the very end of your case, our time belongs to you. We are only paid if we win your case, and our payment comes from the total recovery that we make—not directly out of your own pocket.

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