What To Do After A Car Accident That’s Not Your Fault

Car accidents happen when you least expect. It’s important to remember some key things if/when you get into a car accident: 

Immediately Call The Police

It doesn’t matter whether the accident was a small fender-bender or a severe accident; you should always call the police. The police will ask about the accident and decide whether an ambulance will be called to the scene. If someone is injured, ambulance personnel can assess how bad the injuries are and help prevent further injury from occurring. The police officer who arrives at the accident scene will fill out a report to document what happened. Besides, you should always call the police because the report may be helpful in a civil lawsuit. In that case.

Exchange Information

Were you involved in an auto accident that wasn’t your fault? No matter who is responsible, you must always exchange information with the other people involved. The police, your insurance company, motor vehicles, and your attorney (if you decide to hire one) will need that information. Be sure to get the information from each person involved in the accident, even if the accident is minor.

  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers
  • Driver’s license information and license plate numbers
  • Insurance policy contact information, including the policy number and name of the company

Witness Information

Accidents happen so quickly, and witnesses to accidents may leave the accident scene shortly afterward. If you don’t immediately get their contact information and brief statements, you may never get another chance. Witness information may be able to prove that the other driver was responsible for the accident.

Document The Accident Scene

Personal cell phones are excellent tools for documenting accident scenes. Take close up and distant pictures and videos of the other drivers, witnesses, the accident scene, weather conditions, the cars involved, injuries, and any stop lights or signs. It is always better to have too many pictures and videos, rather than too few. Remember that the police will have to clear the accident scene of vehicles and debris as soon as possible. You won’t get another opportunity to document what happened, so do it as soon as you are able.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Whether the accident was your fault or someone else’s, you need to contact your own insurance company. They will ask questions about the accident and tell you what coverage you have. Tell the insurance company adjuster what happened and answer their questions to the best of your ability. Don’t offer your opinion; just stick with the facts, and don’t admit fault.

Should I Get a lawyer?

One of the first questions that accident victims ask themselves is, “should I get a lawyer for a car accident that wasn’t my fault?” It’s a good question, one that you should think about, especially if you are injured. If your accident occurred in Washington, Edmonds car accident lawyers will help answer that question. We have a proven track record in helping our injured clients obtain maximum insurance recovery. Give us a call and let us help with your personal injury claim.

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